Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Tucker on the Grill Continues Incredible Acts of Kindness

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Tucker on the Grill with Nica continued their giving ways this holiday season.

This amazing company is owned by Cecil Joyce and his wife, Nica, who have been known to be very generous over the years.

Over the Christmas holidays, they went above and beyond by blessing families with gifts, toys, food, and even a complete renovation of a home in Cedar Valley!

The first stop was inspiring – Tucker and his team, along with some generous residents, especially Barstox, owned by Raymond Yhap, refurbished a home for a needy family in Cedar Valley.

They also provided them with food on Christmas Eve! It took nine days to get the home refurbished with support from several people, including North Side Crew, Zack at North Coast, Team Ill, and contractor Leveron Hodge, who provided guidance free of charge.

The team’s next stop was at Casada Gardens, where they provided food and gifts for a needy family, thanks to the Rotary Club who teamed up with Tucker for this venture. The Grill provided food while the Rotary made toys available.

But they didn’t stop there – a family from Villa was also provided with food and toys.

The household of four, a mother and three children were overjoyed to receive the goodies.

It’s heartwarming to see such generosity and kindness in action, and Tucker on the Grill has truly made a difference in the lives of those they’ve touched this holiday season.


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