Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Security guards want to meet with Maria Browne to discuss bullying concerns at work.

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Minister for Housing, Land, Works and Urban Renewal, Maria Browne

Guards at the Public Works Security Department have used social media to make some serious allegations of mistreatment, bullying, and neglect which they say is currently taking place within their workplace

They have called on their Minister Maria Bird Browne to intervene in what has been described as a very upsetting and grave matter

The security officers claimed in their post that they are subjected to a very hostile environment including insults, verbal threats, false accusations, and a very careless attitude towards their general well-being

These men and women who did not put a name to the letter are accusing their female supervisor of abusing them, threatening and intimidating them

They also accused her of lying to their supervisors which has led to the victimization of many of them.

Their working condition is very poor, according to the officers, who claimed that they are being sent to various compounds without adequate shelter, exposing them to the elements, including rain and scorching sun.

“We are dealing with school, and I think officers should be stationary, except if a worker is on vacation, sick day, sick leave, etc.,” states the letter.

In their letter, the officers said they wanted to meet with Browne to express their concerns.

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