Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

VIDEO: Man Dies After Being Hit by Vehicle on Christmas Day

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His family questions the police’s alleged silence on the matter.

A family from Potters Village is currently looking into their legal options after the loss of their beloved Elvin Patrick.

Unfortunately, they lost Elvin in an accident that occurred on December 25th

The deceased family has recently come forward to speak to the media.

They claim that they were not informed about the incident promptly and feel that their loved one was not treated with the dignity and respect he deserved.

They said Elvin, known by most villagers as “Respect,” was not treated like a human, leaving them deeply upset and frustrated.

They believe that the full extent of the situation was not communicated to them and are seeking answers about what happened.

According to his family, they received a call from the police stating that he had been in an accident around 10:30 pm and died the following day.

The family has expressed disappointment with the authorities for their perceived unprofessional handling of the matter, as they did not report the incident to the local media.

His brother Fitz Patrick or Baza said the family has no clue who knocked down his Elvin, who was employed at the Central Board of Health.

Elvin was a well-known figure in the community and was known for his friendly demeanor.

His family has stated that he was not the type to cause trouble and was always in good spirits.


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