Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

115 Children Benefits From Michael Joseph’s Phoenix Christmas Camp

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The Fire Phoenix Christmas Camp, which took place from December 18th to 22nd, 2023, was a heartwarming celebration of community and holiday spirit.

It served as a testament to Michael Joseph’s unwavering commitment and benevolence, as the winner of ABLP Primary and Caretaker of St. John’s Rural West, who is known for his ‘People Driven’ approach.

The camp brought together 115 enthusiastic children and 20 dedicated counselors, all brought together by Michael Joseph’s generous sponsorship, for a week of unforgettable experiences.

From delightful Christmas singalongs to engaging field trips that included visits to Indies Green, Farmer Lewis Farm, and the St. John’s & Coolidge fire station, every activity bore the imprint of Joseph’s commitment to providing a rich and holistic experience.

Joseph’s dedication to nurturing the creative spirit of the attendees was reflected in the art and craft sessions, ornament-making activities, and the joyous task of decorating Christmas cookies.

Further underscoring Joseph’s holistic approach to youth development, the camp also included a thrilling Echo tour with Wallings Nature Reserve, a Sports Day extravaganza, and educational preparations for the upcoming school year.

The grand finale of the camp was a lively party, where Michael Joseph took an active role in orchestrating bounce castle festivities and a myriad of entertaining activities.

Parents expressed deep appreciation, with one saying, “I really love Michael Joseph and the work he is doing for the community, especially for our children and youth.”

Campers were brimming with joy and shared their experiences, with one exclaiming, “I had a whole lot of fun with Mr. Michael Joseph!”

Joseph expressed his humble honor to support the camp and youth development in his constituency fully.

Looking ahead to the new year and beyond, Joseph pledged unwavering commitment to the people of St. John’s Rural West.

He emphasized his dedication to continual improvement within the constituency, promising a brighter and more prosperous future.


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