Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Swetes Village Reignites Love for Sports with Neighbourhood Court Refurbishment

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The Sandals Foundation has partnered with Irene B. Williams Secondary School to resurface the Swetes basketball and netball courts in the Swetes Village community, benefiting 300 Antiguans.

The courts were officially handed over last weekend in a ceremony attended by the Minister of Parliament for the area, Jamale Pringle, and the Jr. Minister of Education, Sports and Creative Industries, Shenella Govia.

Both ministers gave congratulatory remarks and encouraged the students and residents to protect and utilize the space for the positive betterment of the community.

This newly refurbished space will be used by students and residents between the ages of 5-30, providing a platform for healthy recreation and life skill development.

Valued at EC $282,000, the investment in this common space is expected to foster a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among community members, while also positively impacting the youth in the community by promoting physical fitness, especially among students at the neighboring Irene B. Williams Secondary School.

The refurbished courts are expected to reignite the love for sports among young people in the community and make it easier for committee members at the neighboring school to develop formal netball and basketball teams with a convenient space for practice.

Organized team sports have been proven to provide many benefits to children and adolescents, including physical health benefits from an active lifestyle, as well as soft skills like teamwork and problem-solving.

According to Karil Knight, a teacher at Irene B. Williams Secondary School, Swetes Village has been known for having the best village leagues in both netball and basketball.

The village has produced excellent basketball players from well-known local teams like the Swetes Vipers, Lady Vipers, and the Roman Hill Netball team.

Knight added, “Education and sports go hand in hand. The refurbishing of the Swetes basketball and netball courts will benefit numerous rising stars in the community and from Irene B. Williams Secondary School, which has approximately 200 students, both boys and girls, ranging from 5-18 years old.”

Supporting the creation and maintenance of community spaces that nurture the health and wellbeing of their residents is essential for the sustainable development of communities.

The resurfacing of the Swetes Village netball and basketball courts is expected to promote a healthier lifestyle by offering a common area where community members can participate in this endeavor


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