Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

HAPI Housing Programme To Get $500,000.00

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The Home Assistance Project for the Indigent (HAPI) Programme, aimed at providing help to the most vulnerable members of society, is set to receive a boost in funding from the government.

Under the leadership of Inspector Veldon Raggette, the programme has already assisted 56 families by either constructing new homes or repairing existing ones.

The Cabinet is convinced that the HAPI initiative is a shining example of how to help indigent families who have lost everything due to fires, and has therefore ordered the transfer of EC$500,000.00 to the National Housing Development and Urban Renewal Company to manage the programme going forward.

The objective of the programme is to shorten the time between a tragedy and the provision of a new home for the indigent homeowner.

Many hardware stores, lumberyards, and cement providers have generously donated a significant portion of the supplies needed to construct these homes, moved by the dire situation of these families.

Inspector Raggette has announced that the new funding will be used to construct six new houses in the first instance, with two of them reserved for families who have experienced losses due to fires or other disasters.

The construction of these houses could begin as soon as next week, as the funds are now available.

The areas where the new homes will be built include the Point, Bendals, Jennings, and St. Johnson’s Village.


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