Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Mother of inmate said to have killed himself in prison believes he was murdered.

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By Zaya Williams


Despite a recent jury ruling that concluded Cordayro Joseph’s death in prison was a suicide, his mother, Sheryl Joseph, remains steadfast in her belief that he was killed.

The coroner’s inquest, which concluded just over a week ago, determined that Cordayro took his own life on September 24, 2018 while in prison.

However, Sheryl, who closely followed the entire proceedings, is convinced that the jury’s decision is incorrect.

Cordayro was serving a 35-year sentence for the 2011 murder of Coldrick Lewis at Clary’s Bar when he was found hanging from a window in his prison cell by a shirt.

Expressing her frustration with the verdict, Sheryl Joseph told Observer that she is “at a loss for words.”

She perceives a systemic issue in the legal process, stating, “The evidence and/or lack thereof in this case seemed so inconsequential.”

According to her, the inconsistencies in testimonies, the absence of a thorough investigation, and the pathologists’ remarks about the peculiar manner in which the shirt was tied around her son’s neck all reinforce her belief that foul play was involved.

Even after five years of waiting, Sheryl Joseph has not found the justice she seeks to bring closure to the matter.

The grieving mother continues to challenge the official narrative surrounding her son’s death.


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