Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Flow Forward: Operation Menstruation Empowers Young Girls.

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The Rotaract Club of Antigua, in collaboration with Scrub Life Cares and the Rotaract Club of East Nassau, recently organized an initiative called “Flow Forward: Operation Menstruation” aimed at creating awareness about menstrual hygiene and empowering preteen girls in the community.

The project was launched on October 8th in recognition of the International Day of the Girl Child and provided essential care items to assist preteen girls in managing their menstrual health.

To kick off the initiative, the organizing committees launched a social media campaign featuring a heartfelt video message emphasizing the fundamental human rights to which girls are entitled.

On December 16th, an informative session was held for preteen girls, where they were provided with valuable insights into menstrual hygiene, self-care practices, and the significance of embracing one’s own body.

The team from Scrub Life Cares led this interactive session, which included discussions on breaking societal taboos related to menstruation, informing them of the different parts of their reproductive system, fostering confidence, and promoting a healthy attitude towards this natural aspect of womanhood.

Each participating girl received a pouch containing essential items such as sanitary napkins, soap, hand sanitizer, lotion, wipes, and other self-care products.

Donations from various organizations, including local distributor Frank B Armstrong, Rotaract Club of East Nassau, and Scrub Life Cares, generously provided these pouches.

The Rotaract Club of Antigua expresses its gratitude to all sponsors, donors, and community members who contributed to the success of this project


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