Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Local Doctor Seeking to Buy Cancer Centre

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During a recent Cabinet meeting, a local doctor who is part of a team seeking to purchase the Cancer Centre made an offer to the government to buy the complex.

The identity of the doctor has not been revealed. The majority owner of the shares in the Cancer Centre has demanded EC$40 million dollars for a building valued at EC$9 million, which has been a sticking point for the team.

However, the doctor presented a proposal to the government outlining a new anti-cancer treatment method that would be utilized if the team purchased the building.

The proposal detailed that the team is interested in operating from the Cancer Centre, using an innovative approach that attacks cancer cells without radiation and chemotherapy.

The treatment method is intended to leave other cells unaffected, which means that cancer patients who use their method are made whole instead of being weakened by radiation and chemotherapy.

The team believes that their approach can cure many cancers, and they plan to treat nationals and residents of Antigua and Barbuda utilizing their system at a fraction of the cost charged to well-off clients from developed countries.

According to the Cabinet notes, the investors are interested in treating many individuals and would induce them to come to Antigua for this specialized treatment.

The Notes also indicated that the investors have pledged to treat nationals and residents of Antigua and Barbuda at a lower cost than the treatment’s usual price.

In addition to this offer, other proposals were made to repair the machines in the building so that those who wish to get the traditional cancer treatment could continue to receive the same.

A decision on the offers will be made next Wednesday at the Cabinet’s meeting.

The Cancer Centre has been shuttered since April of last year due to financial troubles, and disagreements over its value have prevented its reopening.

The government’s appraiser valued it between 6 and 9 million EC dollars, significantly lower than the majority shareholder’s asking price of 40 million.

The government took ownership of the facility last month through compulsory purchase.

The center was initially established in June 2015 to serve cancer patients throughout the OECS and provided radiotherapy to both private patients and those enrolled in the Medical Benefits Scheme.


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