Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Police collected over $1 million in 2023

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By Zaya Williams


The police force has done its part in contributing to the state’s revenue collections in 2023, with over $1 million EC being generated, as reported by Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney.

Providing a breakdown of the figures, he disclosed that $36,325 was generated from police records, and fingerprint services contributed $92,700, resulting in a total of $455,725 from the Criminal Records Office alone.

Simultaneously, the traffic department contributed $954,575 through earnings from tickets, permits for heavy-duty equipment, and other services.

Early last year, the police initiated a crackdown on unpaid parking tickets, aiming to address the outstanding sum of approximately $600,000 in unpaid traffic tickets.

The government had to implement various measures to recover these funds.


  1. Man on the sea

    The police should be out in the communitys fighting crime but instead they downtown fu*king around people for traffic violation and gun crime spiraling out of control.

    • Anonymous

      Is only in the community crime dey

  2. Anonymous

    I agree police need to out more than a being on the media just showing their faces be out and about crime, speeding etc.


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