Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Police remove 70 firearms from the streets in 2023

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By Zaya Williams


A total of 70 firearms have been successfully removed from the streets of Antigua and Barbuda, significantly enhancing the safety of residents.

This revelation was made during a recent press conference led by Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney, who highlighted the substantial increase compared to the 36 guns confiscated in 2022.

Rodney specified that out of the 70 recovered weapons last year, 66 were lethal, while four were imitations. Expressing the effectiveness of their efforts, he remarked, “Our effort assisted us greatly.”

The police disclosed that trained dogs played a pivotal role in apprehending individuals attempting to import illicit drugs, firearms, and other contraband. The K-9 unit, operated by eight officers, contributed significantly to these successes.

Rodney emphasized, “The increase in patrols, the execution of search warrants, and information coming from the general public greatly assisted us in removing a number of firearms from the public streets of Antigua and Barbuda.”

Acknowledging the public’s role in providing crucial information, Rodney expressed gratitude, stating, “We must pause to say thanks to persons who continue to provide information, people who continue to give that assistance we have been pleading for a number of years.”

He also commended the officers for their dedication, commitment, and the risks they have taken to ensure the removal of guns from the streets, stating, “The officers, the risk they have taken, the commitment they have shown, and the dedication to get those guns off the street, we have to commend them for that.”

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  1. Mary

    Wow, 70 illegal firearms collected off the street. That’s too much for a small island. Is Antigua catching up with Jamaica and other countries around the world?


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