Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

UTC members demand executive to convene meeting within 48 hours or else

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The general membership of United Taxi Company (UTC) has voted to request their executive to convene a meeting within 48 hours; otherwise, the members will seek to elect a new board.

Yesterday, during a meeting near the old airport terminal, the Minister of Tourism, Charles “Max” Fernandez, met with approximately 30 taxi drivers to discuss the way forward.

The dispute between the 45-member general body and the executive of the airport taxi operators arose because the executive delayed holding an election beyond the June 2023 deadline.

This angered the members, and they signed a petition calling for the removal of the executive.

The Minister advised the members to write to the executive and give them a period of time to convene a meeting with general members to reach a clear outcome for all parties.

He also said there needed to be clearer rules governing the association or company following the dispute resolution.

During the meeting, it was revealed that members had concerns with the executive’s decision to postpone a meeting due to be held in September.

Despite attempts by members to request a general meeting with the executive since then, the president told members that a meeting would be held on December 31.

The general membership approved the motion suggested by Minister Fernandez, hoping that the action would resolve the stand-off.

After the meeting, Keithroy Benjamin said that the executive should have sought a new mandate from the membership to enact any potential changes relating to the association.

Members were satisfied with the organization’s consensus, and they hoped that the current president would come forward and resolve the issue positively.

UTC general member Dwayne Francis said that it was a lapse by the current executive not to have the general body receive any financial report from the executive in over a year.

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    Too much incompetent and lazy people always want position and they can’t do the job.


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