Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

What a Massive Broccoli!

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Farmer Browne, has successfully grown an exceptionally large broccoli on his farm. This remarkable achievement holds great promise for the agricultural sector, as it could generate a surge of interest in the farm’s produce among consumers and other farmers alike.


  1. Wongping

    No wonder they killed dunbars. Pay attention to fine details and what’s beneath the surface. By the way since when this makes news. Guess it’s a slow week

    • Hallelujah Amen

      Absolutely Diamonds, Dunbars and all the other state agricultural plots destroyed and downgraded to facilitate farmer Browne

      • Bayjee

        I didn’t know that this is a substitute for DUNBARS. The PM should concentrate on Governing and not enlisting enlisting help of Government Employees.

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