Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Dominican Journalist Ferdina Frampton Has Died

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The media community in Dominica is grieving after reports emerged that Ferdina Frampton had passed away.

Frampton was admitted to the China Friendship Hospital for a few days, but unfortunately, she passed away there.

Today, her health suddenly deteriorated, and despite doctors’ efforts to revive her, they were unsuccessful. Frampton was a popular figure in Dominica and owned TripleF Marketing and Advertising.

She was also the director of the Miss Pleasantly Plump and Beautiful Pageant and hosted the In The Spotlight Radio and TV show.

Frampton began her career as a media worker at The Chronicle News Paper and DBS Radio. Over the years, she worked with various other media companies, including Kairi FM and Marpin TV.

Additionally, she served as a Judges Coordinator at the Dominica Calypso Association.


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