Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Some retailers continue to defy the law over ABST increase

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​Retailers in some areas have been engaging in dishonest practices by taking advantage of the recent two-percent increase in the ABST to overcharge customers.

According to Orrin Steele, the head of the Prices and Consumers Affairs Division, some retailers are displaying notices on their shelves that do not reflect the ABST increase, which they explain will be added at the checkout point.

However, this practice is illegal as all prices, including the ABST, must be displayed on the shelves. Steele has had to physically visit these retailers and “read the riot” act to ensure they comply with the law.

Steele stated that the prices displayed on the shelves should be what the consumer pays, but some retailers are hiding behind this gimmick to price gouge.

In response to numerous complaints from consumers about overpricing, the department has dispatched officers to investigate these retailers.

The primary complaint is that retailers are increasing prices beyond what is reasonable based on the 2 percent ABST increase.

Additionally, the department has discovered instances where retailers have been placing the tax on zero-rated items.

In other situations, retailers have requested assistance with calculating the tax. Steele revealed that the department has been helpful in these cases.

However, he believes that the regulations need to change to give the department more power to deal with retailers who break the law.

If retailers were penalized immediately whenever they engaged in price gouging practices, Steele believes it would serve as a disincentive to them.

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  1. Gatesworth James

    Well!well! Once the government has exposed its inability to manage the affairs of our Nation.
    When are they going to understand that the citizens are not robots and so they must be effectively involve in the affairs of the nation.
    In doing so there must be respect , decency and tolerance amongst all led by the Government. The way the government disrespects the opposition party, the business community, and the populace on a whole bound to create pushback.
    This is a small nation with a small population, and if the riling MPs possess any modicum of management skills the confrontational issues that often come to the fore will be completely eliminated.
    This surely is a sign that they are tired and confuse and therefore they should do the decent thing and go back to the polls.


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