Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Kidney Failure Crisis in Antigua and Barbuda

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Sir Molwyn Joseph, the Minister of Health, has recently reported that the number of adults relying on dialysis has increased, indicating a crisis in kidney failures in Antigua and Barbuda.

The two primary causes of this are hypertension and diabetes, two non-communicable diseases that are affecting the adult population at an alarming rate.

In light of this situation, the minister has emphasized the need for people to adopt a balanced diet that includes reducing the consumption of foods high in salt and sugar.

He has also encouraged people to engage in regular exercise as a way to prevent these diseases.

Non-communicable diseases are the leading cause of death and amputations among the adult population in Antigua and Barbuda.

Therefore, the need to change one’s diet and maintain an active lifestyle cannot be overstated.

These simple changes can significantly reduce the risk of developing these dreaded diseases and improve overall health and well-being.


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