Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Alfa Nero, Water Woes, Taxes, and High Electricity Bills Dominate Discussions at UPP’s People’s Parliament

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) has pulled off what many have described as a successful People’s Parliament, where opposition parliamentarians gathered to offer a counterargument to the budget.

The party members chose to conduct their government business outside the traditional halls of Parliament because they felt they were not awarded sufficient time to debate the budget and boycotted in a show of their disapproval.

The event was held at Freedom Hall, and a large turnout of party supporters keen to know what the opposition members of both the lower and upper houses had to say about the budget was witnessed.

Despite facing criticism for not debating the budget at the House of Assembly, the UPP leadership believed that conducting the People’s Parliament was a more effective way to communicate their stance on the budget.

By doing so, they aimed to bring attention to their concerns and offer an alternative perspective to the budget presented by the government.

Opposition Leader Member of Parliament for All Saints East and St Luke Jamal Pringle said the budget failed to address some pertinent issues relating to national development.

“If we had debated this bill back in December…the development of the last two weeks would not be addressed. On December 15, no word was said on the sudden sale of the Cancer Center. Not a word was said about the repurposing of the Dunbars lands, the shutdown on LIAT, and another set of workers being placed on the breadline along with the supervisors at State Insurance,” Pringle said

According to Pringle, the delay in the UPP’s response to the budget was a result of divine intervention.

He strongly believes that the budget presented is a mere smoke screen that conceals the true extent of hardship being faced by the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Pringle added that the budget is filled with many exaggerated aspects for which no concrete evidence has been provided to prove that the residents have realized the growth being talked about.

“The prime minister has told us that he is looking to import skilled labour for upcoming construction projects, where would that leave young men hanging out on street corners in every constituency without work”, Pringle said

According to Pringle, several concerns exist about the Prime Minister’s projects on Barbuda.

He questioned the number of local individuals employed and the impact of these projects on the island’s economy.

Additionally, there are complaints about the exorbitant daily costs of the Alfa Nero, inadequate water supply, and a lack of clear explanation for the 2% ABST increase.

“I am urging you, to join us while we hold this government accountable for what they have spent and what they continue to spend,” he said


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