Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Carlisle Estate man fined 20K for gun and ammunition

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By Zaya Williams


A stop and search operation has landed one man with a hefty fine after being found with a gun and ammunition.

On Tuesday, authorities apprehended and charged three individuals in connection with the incident: 32-year-old Jahmarie Joseph of Carlisle Estate, 31-year-old Kemmoy Bailey of Gray Hill, and 23-year-old Donnalee Salmon of St. Johnston’s Village.

 The charges revolved around the Unlawful Possession of a black Intratec Scorpion .22 Pistol, with the trio being intercepted while driving on Friars Hill Road.

Joseph faced an additional charge for possessing four rounds of .22mm ammunition.

The case proceeded to the St. Johns Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, where Joseph pleaded guilty to both charges, while his co-accused, Bailey and Salmon, denied the allegations against them.

The prosecution accepted Joseph’s pleas, leading to the withdrawal of charges against Bailey and Salmon.

Consequently, Joseph was handed a fine of $18,000.00 for the firearm, with an alternative of spending 18 months in prison if unable to pay. In addition, he received a $2,000.00 fine for the bullets, with a default sentence of 6 months in case of non-payment.


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