Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Prime Minister Browne to visit China this month

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Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning announced today, that Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, has been invited by Premier Li Qiang of the State Council to pay an official visit to China from January 22 to 28.

This visit comes after Prime Minister Browne’s previous visit to China in 2014, and China welcomes him back.

During his visit, Prime Minister Browne will participate in several meetings, including a meeting with President Xi Jinping and a welcoming ceremony held by Premier Li Qiang, in addition to attending the signing ceremony of cooperation documents with him.

Chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Zhao Leji will also meet with him.

​The purpose of this visit is to deepen bilateral relations and address mutual interests, which will lay the foundation for the future of the two countries’ relationship.

In addition to Beijing, Prime Minister Browne will also visit Zhejiang and Shanghai.

The two countries have witnessed significant progress in their bilateral relations over the years, and their relationship serves as an example of countries of different sizes respecting each other and working together towards mutually beneficial cooperation and common development.

As the year 2023 marked the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Antigua and Barbuda, China believes that this visit will further promote political mutual trust and deepen practical cooperation in various areas, consolidate the traditional friendship, and bring the bilateral relations to a new level.


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