Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Security Minister warns against harbouring Jamaican fugitives.

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Sir Steadroy Benjamin, who is currently serving as the Acting Prime Minister and National Security Minister, has cautioned the general public against harboring or providing assistance to the two Jamaican nationals who are currently evading law enforcement.

The two women, Donnalie Samantha Salmon and Tiffanie Natalie Howell, had been detained at the Immigration Department’s Detention Centre and were awaiting deportation when they managed to escape through a window at the facility.

In response, the Immigration Department has issued a Wanted Bulletin, calling for information to aid in the recapture of the escapees.

Sir Steadroy held a meeting with senior Immigration Department officials on Monday to discuss the system failures that led to the successful escape of the women.

He warned that anyone caught harboring or assisting the women in any way could face charges.

The National Security Minister added that the meeting had recommended several measures to prevent a recurrence of the situation, including the recruitment of additional officers to fill gaps in the various teams and the implementation of new measures to make it more difficult to escape from the centre.

Meanwhile, the department has renewed its appeal for information that would lead to the recapture of the two fugitives, who are still at large.


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