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1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Cruise ship cancels Antigua stop due to high winds.

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Unusually high winds experienced over the past few days in Antigua have forced Beyond of the Celebrity Cruise Lines to cancel its call at Antigua on Thursday.

The ship’s captain decided due to safety concerns for the vessel and its passengers.

Over the past week, Antigua and Barbuda have been experiencing unusually high winds caused by low-pressure systems in the Atlantic.

The Antigua Cruise Port spokesperson, Jessica Russell, confirmed that the ship declined to sail into St. John’s Harbour because of the strong prevailing winds.

Although the vessel can carry 3260 passengers, there is no information about how many passengers were aboard as it did not dock in the port and declare its manifest.

The Antigua and Barbuda Met Office confirmed that the high winds with occasional higher gusts are unusual for this time of year, as the normal wind speeds average between 8 and 15 knots.

According to the forecast, these winds are expected to continue into Friday evening, but they are generally expected to return to normality overnight into Saturday.

During the week, the winds also caused the Montserrat ferry to suspend services, which is expected to resume on Saturday.

On Thursday, only one vessel was in port, the Windstar, while three vessels, Marella Voyager, Mein Schiff 3, and Seabourne Ovation, are due to arrive on Friday.

Additionally, a military vessel is expected in port on Friday for what is expected to be a “R&R” visit for its crew.


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