Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Senator Kiz Johnson seeks clarity on her role.

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Senator Kiz Johnson, an Independent lawmaker serving in the Upper Chamber of Parliament, is about to mark her first year in office.

She is extremely satisfied with the achievements she has made so far in shaping the laws of the country.

Senator Johnson finds it a joy to be part of the process that will affect not only the present generation but the future ones as well.

However, Senator Johnson notes that there is some confusion among the public regarding her role as an independent senator.

She is concerned about this perception and sees it as a significant challenge. She points out that being an independent senator means that she does not represent any political party’s interests, and her role is to represent the underserved and those who do not wish to channel their views through a political party.

Despite her efforts to clarify her role, Senator Johnson has observed that some people still misunderstand what it means to be an independent senator.

She cites examples of social media comments that indicate that some people believe she is an opposition senator or a government senator.

Senator Johnson believes that she is making progress in changing the public’s perception of an independent senator.

She sees herself as a voice for the average person and takes pleasure in speaking on behalf of these groups in society.

She acknowledges that the role of an independent senator is not necessarily a popular position within the parliamentary structure, but she is confident that people are beginning to warm up to the idea based on her contributions so far in the Senate.


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