Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

PM Gaston Browne visits Alibaba HQ in Hangzhou.

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne recently wrapped up his two-day visit to the vibrant city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, China.

During his visit, he had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Alibaba Group, one of the most highly regarded multinational tech giants in the world.

Alibaba Group is widely known for its trailblazing efforts in the areas of online retail, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

The Prime Minister’s delegation signed a crucial agreement during their visit with Alibaba’s research institute, the Damo Academy, to strengthen medical cooperation using AI technology.

Aside from his visit to Alibaba Group, Gaston Browne also had the chance to visit Hangzhou Normal University and take part in a traditional Chinese Spring Festival celebration at Zhejiang International Studies University.

The latter has established a Confucius Institute in Antigua and Barbuda with the aim of promoting cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

The University has signed an agreement with the University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus for further cooperation and launched a campaign to promote Chinese language education in the Caribbean.

To further deepen the relationship between both countries, Gaston Browne established memorandums of understanding with various institutions, including universities.

The Prime Minister strongly believes that these efforts will result in greater people-to-people exchanges, which will have a positive impact on the bilateral relationship between both countries.

He also took the time to visit iMBIORAY, a biotechnology company in Hangzhou specializing in cellular immunotherapy to treat tumors and immune diseases.

During his visit, he toured the company’s lab and met with corporate executives to explore future opportunities for cooperation.


  1. Wong Ping

    Went to sort out his own business interest on tax payers dime

  2. Edmond

    Soon from now China will own Antigua not Barbuda


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