Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Blatant Plagiarism: A Sickening Trend

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As a part of the journalism industry, republishing other reporters’ work is not uncommon. This practice is prevalent even among major news agencies like CNN, Fox, and BBC, who often reproduce articles from other reporters.

However, crediting the original news agency is considered a standard practice, especially when using their photos.

Unfortunately, our online news agency has fallen prey to blatant plagiarism and unauthorized use of our photos without any acknowledgment or credit.

This unethical practice has been carried out by other news agencies, such as Antigua News Room and Antigua Breaking News, who have taken our original article on the Mammoth Pothole in Hatton, reproduced it with the same headline and photo but without any mention of our news agency as the source. 

This is not the only one. There are hundreds of original publications that were taken without any credit to the source.

Seeing how these well-established news giants can stoop so low as to steal news from a small, newly established website like ours is disheartening.

We firmly believe that this is a disrespectful, abusive, and unethical practice, and it is essential to acknowledge the hard work and effort put in by journalists to produce original content.


  1. Local

    Y’all do it regularly so why you crying?

    • Malika M

      Someone said it!!!! Like they forget we are in both the whats app groups. We see ANR post then AFTER we see it on your website almost the same publication so please stop. Also on a daily you just republish Pointe FM news. Best you take this down.

      • Ingrid Johnson

        Malaika this is just a strategy to keep us on the site arguing haha..and its working. However I believe we lack “on the road” stories. The views of the local man. Fed up with the political news. These websites do the same shut. ANR steals Real News Stories so much I’m beginning to think they are owner by the same person. Lol

  2. Anya Brickette

    Plagiarism is what they are talking about. Sharing of press statements and general stories isn’t plagiarism. Based on what I read they were speaking of original stories. All media houses receive the same press statements I am certain. I understand the concern. It seems like one of their reporters went to take a pic of some hole in the road and did a story. Basic journalism practice is that you say where you got the pic. There’s a big difference. Unless I read wrong.

  3. Bryan Meade

    On another note what I find strange is that ANR and ABN even AN operates from overseas and they manage to get more stories that local media outlets. Wellll this is even stranger

  4. The Mona Lisa

    Hopefully while gaston Browne tries to sell the alfa Nero, he might remember to put laws in place to regulate all these media sites that keeps popping up

    • Juliette

      Why regularise these news media, which keeps the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda informed on what is happening in the country? All the journalist needs to do is quote or cite where they are getting their information from.

  5. Jezz

    The original owner of the photo has no issue with it being used on both sites. The objective is to call attention to the issue! However, I was shocked that they written article was reproduced verbatim!!!🤦


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