Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Barbuda Council Writes to GG Asking for Inquiry into Irma Donations for Barbuda

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The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, has been left perplexed by the accusations made by the Barbuda Council.

The council has alleged that the government received USD 555,000 from Spain, which is intended to be used for the recovery efforts in Barbuda after Hurricane Irma.

However, according to the council, the funds have not been accounted for, and there is no evidence of their usage.

This allegation follows a previous accusation by the same council that the government had mishandled or failed to declare a donation of one million USD from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

In response to these allegations, the Barbuda Council has urged the Governor General to launch an inquiry into the donations meant to aid in the recovery of Barbuda.

The council has emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability on the government’s part and requested a comprehensive report detailing the donations received and their utilization in the recovery efforts.

The council has also urged the Minister of Finance and the Director of Audit to provide an account of the funds’ receipt, allocation, and expenditure, with the assistance of an independent accounting firm.

If there is any indication of wrongdoing, the council has expressed its willingness to take legal or other appropriate action.

In a letter submitted to the Prime Minister on January 24th, the Chairman of the Council, Devon Warner, has highlighted the significance of this inquiry not only for the accountability of the government but also for restoring donors’ trust and confidence in the country.

The council has also encouraged the Governor General to make recommendations to the DPP if necessary.

The government has clarified that the one million USD deposited in a Global Bank of Commerce account was not received due to the financial difficulties experienced by the bank.

Nonetheless, the Barbuda Council is determined to ensure that all donations towards the recovery of Barbuda are accounted for and utilized for their intended purpose.


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