Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Prison boss hints at plans for additional infrastructure

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As part of the ongoing effort to retrofit containers to create more space within His Majesty’s Prison (HMP), plans are being made to construct a cafeteria for staff.

In a recent interview, the Superintendent of HMP, Colonel Trevor Pennyfeather, stated his intention to build a lunchroom on the prison grounds.

He aims to create a suitable area where staff members can go, have a meal, relax, and have meaningful conversations.

Pennyfeather believes building such a space will foster collaboration and camaraderie among staff. HMP, also known as ‘1735’ – the year it was built, has seen several superintendents come and go, each facing unique challenges in managing the prison.

Pennyfeather, who took over from Jermaine Anthony in February last year, has been improving infrastructure, physical security, and officer integrity.

The current Coronation Road facility was originally built in 1735 to hold 150 prisoners, but today, it houses over 200 inmates and remains one of the few colonial-era structures still serving its original purpose.

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  1. Joan

    The old structures need to be demolished.


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