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3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

China Trip Positive Move for Young People-Michael Joseph

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Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph, the chairman of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, recently joined the official delegation that visited the People’s Republic of China.

He sees this as a positive move for the young people of Antigua and Barbuda, as it gives him an opportunity to experience new diplomatic frontiers.

Joseph highly praised Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s visionary leadership for including a young person as part of the delegation, as it shows that the government is embracing young people and acknowledging them as equals on the diplomatic front.

In his opinion, young people are an essential part of the change that Antigua and Barbuda needs, and the country must learn from the lessons of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who understands that change in the future would involve everyone, including those who traditionally did not have a voice but should have one.

According to Joseph, the visit to China was a massive success, with the delegation signing as many as ten MOUs that will have lasting impacts on Antigua and Barbuda.

He revealed that during discussions with the Chinese company, Alibaba, which is equivalent to Amazon, the prime minister was insistent on ensuring that young people in Antigua and Barbuda benefit from the partnership.

The prime minister advocated for young people, and Joseph was excited about the prospects of the nation’s youth taking advantage of the opportunities that would arise from the partnership.

In particular, he was pleased that Alibaba had agreed to provide opportunities for young people to be merchants on the Alibaba site and be trained in e-commerce.

Joseph believes that this move is in line with the country’s youth moving more and more into the e-commerce space, hence enhancing their potential for growth and success.

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