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1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Motorists on Barbuda encourage to exercise caution on the roadways

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Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney

By Aabigayle McIntosh


Police Commissioner Atley Rodney has raised concerns about the driving behavior observed in Barbuda.

He highlighted the increased construction activities associated with various development projects, leading to a higher volume of vehicles on the roadways. According to Rodney, the motoring public must be aware of this situation and comply with regulations.

Rodney emphasized the importance of adhering to specific regulations when driving in built-up areas.

He stated, “If you are driving in a build-up area, the law makes specific regulations as to how you drive in a community, so no one should be driving at 50 and 60 miles with heavy-duty equipment within the community; that is unacceptable. So, we want the drivers and the employers of drivers with heavy-duty equipment to speak to them to let them know that we will not tolerate that kind of driving.”

Additionally, Rodney advised all drivers to stay within the speed limit and be considerate of one another.

He also revealed plans for collaboration with the council and the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board to install stop signs and traffic lights.

During the top cop’s visit to Barbuda, discussions were also held regarding the construction of a suitable building to accommodate police officers.

Rodney mentioned that the central government had made some improvements to the justice complex, and talks would be initiated with the Ministry of Works to complete the work on the facility.

He explained, “There is a need for it, there is a need for the courthouse; those types of facilities are needed. If the island is expanding in terms of business and more housing, we are going to need more police officers over time and the facilities as well.”


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