Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

LETTER: Urgent Plea for Help from Abused Filipino Maids in Antigua

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Dear people of Antigua,


In the shadows of a seemingly untarnished facade, we, two Filipino maids, muster the courage to share our harrowing tale of abuse at the hands of a prominent politician in your beautiful land.

Our oppressor, a figure of influence, has subjected us to a life filled with fear, humiliation, and unrestrained abuse.

Forced to kneel and beg for forgiveness over trivial errors, we endure a cycle of physical violence—slaps, kicks, and punches—at the whim of our tormentor. Our passports, the key to our freedom, have been confiscated, leaving us captive within the confines of our workplace.

In a twist of fate, a glimmer of hope has emerged. The sister of our abuser, compelled by empathy and conscience, has secretly stolen one of our passports and purchased a ticket for one of us to escape back to the Philippines.

This clandestine act of kindness amidst the darkness is a lifeline we never anticipated.

We reach out to you, the compassionate people of Antigua, not only to expose our plight but to rally support for our cause.

Please, help us unveil the layers of abuse and power that have kept us silent for too long. Share our story, raise your voices, and let empathy guide your actions.

Understanding the risks involved, we trust in your discretion to navigate this delicate situation.

The involvement of a compassionate relative underscores the urgency of our plea, as we seek refuge from this nightmare and yearn for the possibility of justice.


Filipino Maids


  1. Wiser Man

    Manny Pacquiao can hardly say the word popcorn, i fail to see how these Filipino ladies possess such a strong command of the English language and such a stellar vocabulary…..i am not convinced

    • Unknown

      You’re so bad for thinking so somebody should do you that . That’s why you cannot rely on antiguans and no antiguan can come out of their country and get it good. Somebody should really take ur life for being so stupid.

    • Use your brain wiserman

      Wiser man get rid of that bird brain, I’m sure this person can speak Multiple language and clearly you missed the point.

    • Englishman from new york, cubao

      Mr. Wiser, despite your name, you don’t seem particularly wise. These ladies have more intelligence than you; they can speak and communicate in English, albeit not perfectly, but at least in proper English. Your comparison to Manny Pacquiao is a poor example. Manny struggles with English and often needs a translator, but he still manages to comprehend. It’s understandable since English isn’t his first language, and his fame surpasses that of the entire Caribbean Islands. Grow up, birdbrain, and start eating healthier foods to improve your life. Remember, without foreigners coming here, you lack direction.

  2. Wiser Man

    great for a TV mini series though

    • White Rabbit

      Wiser man ,Are you that politician?

  3. Dogboyfed@yahoo.com

    I am not convinced. Our people tend to be retarded in their thinking, especially when it involves our politicians. Those who read this and think that it is truth are silenty wishing it’s Gaston Browne or some politician from the ABLP. Meantime A slot name Michael continues to funk up people pickney bubby and aryou nah hab nutt’n fu say.

    • Lenroy.

      Remember Robin Yearwood and his business counterpart Rob Barrett have Filipinos working for them. Keep Gaston Browne’s name out of this saga.

    • Laurelle

      Well money walks in antigua. And everything else talks. One day things must get better…I believe the story. I know one lady who works for a money hungry politician and she is always nervous when you call the house.

  4. Jezz

    The language of this letter is very sophisticated and correct for Filipino maids! Additionally, why broadcast your plans, such as the purchase of an airline ticket, and recovering one of the passports? This is all very suspect! I caution my fellow Antiguans to be careful that we’re not being played by someone with nefarious intentions!!!🤷

  5. ADMIN

    This letter was written by a local Antiguan who is trying to assist these women. Our newsroom has verified it to be true.

  6. Anonymous

    Wickedness but God na sleeping


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