Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Happy 102nd Birthday to Ms. Millicent Violetta Joseph!

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Ms. Millicent Violetta Joseph, affectionately known as Ashby, was born on the 2nd of February in 1921 to Adela Francis and James Joseph in Parham Town.

She spent a considerable part of her life in Seaview Farm and Freeman Village before moving to Tindale Road where she currently resides.

Ms. Joseph’s life is full of many achievements and moments of joy. She was a mother to ten children, Cyril Samuel, Dornell & Gloria Ferris, and one other whose name remains unknown. Unfortunately, all of them have passed away except for Victor Gore, Cordella Ferris Parker, Gweneth Ferris Pelle, Wilda Ferris Chatman, Rhona Ferris, and Sylvester Ferris.

For many years, Ms. Joseph worked on the loco line, cutting sugar. She was also a farmer and a woodcutter.

Her hardworking and dedicated personality was an inspiration to many other villagers.

Ms. Joseph is an active member of the Freeman’s Village Methodist Church and takes great pride in her faith.

She ensured that all her children attended church on Sundays and participated in various church activities. Her immense love for God and devotion to the church has been a guiding light for her family and the community.

Ms. Joseph is blessed with twenty-eight grandchildren, forty-five great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.

She is a loving grandmother who has played a pivotal role in instilling values in her grandchildren.

Her favorite song is “What a friend we have in Jesus”, and she starts her day with prayers and thanking the creator for life.

When it comes to food, Ms. Joseph loves Fungi, Fish, and Cassava, which she enjoys with her family and friends. She is an excellent cook and has always been a generous host who loves to share her favorite dishes.

Ms. Joseph has been a caregiver for many people in the village, and her kindness and compassion have touched many lives.

She was also the life of the party and was usually the first on the dance floor. However, she was also a strict disciplinarian who gave specific instructions to her children and ensured that they followed them.

At the age of 102, Ms. Joseph is still going strong, surrounded by the love of her family and the community. Her remarkable journey and contributions to her family and village will always be cherished and remembered.


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