Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Antigua and Barbuda joins in observing World Cancer Day today

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The global community observes World Cancer Day on February 4th every year, and the Ministry of Health and Wellness joins this effort to raise awareness about cancer, encourage prevention, and foster support for those affected by this disease.

With millions of lives impacted by cancer worldwide, this day serves as an important platform for promoting the urgent need to address this public health challenge. In recognition of World Cancer Day, the Ministry is committed to combating this disease through various initiatives aimed at prevention, early detection, and comprehensive care.

The Minister of Health, Sir Molwyn Joseph, emphasized the importance of unified efforts in the fight against cancer, stating that through collaboration and proactive measures, we can make significant strides towards reducing the burden of cancer and improving the quality of life for all affected individuals.

The Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Health, J’noure Smith-Kellman, highlighted the significance of awareness campaigns in empowering communities to take proactive steps towards cancer prevention.

Smith-Kellman emphasized that education and early detection are crucial in reducing the risk of cancer.

By raising awareness and promoting regular screenings, individuals can take control of their health and prevent cancer from becoming a life-threatening disease.

The Ministry urges all citizens to take proactive steps towards cancer prevention by adopting healthy lifestyle choices, participating in regular screenings, and supporting individuals affected by cancer.


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