Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Antigua and Barbuda seeks increased people-to-people contact with India.

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Antigua and Barbuda has proposed the removal of all remaining restrictions to allow more people-to-people contact with the people of India.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne discussed this proposal during a meeting with the new Indian High Commissioner, Dr. Amit Telang, who made a courtesy call on the prime minister during his inaugural visit to the country.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Browne expressed his gratitude to the government and people of India for their help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He acknowledged that it was difficult to obtain vaccines and medical equipment during that period, but India came forward to help and save lives.

He stated that Antigua and Barbuda will always be grateful for the assistance provided by India.

The prime minister also noted that it is time to deepen the areas of collaboration between the two countries, including investments, trade and people-to-people contact through tourism.

He expressed his desire to see more visits from Indian tourists to Antigua and Barbuda. Currently, officials and diplomats have visa-free entry, but he hopes that all Indians will eventually be granted visa-free entry to the country.

PM Browne believes that Antigua and Barbuda could be an attractive destination for Indians, especially as India’s middle class is growing and seeking more exotic destinations.

He called for the implementation of a system that allows people to move freely between both countries, and for more airlifts between Antigua and Barbuda and India.

Additionally, the prime minister highlighted the new University of the West Indies campus in Antigua and Barbuda, stating that it presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen contacts between the two countries.

He suggested that joint study programs could be organized between UWI FIC and universities in India.

Regarding India’s global role, PM Browne observed that with its growing population, financial markets, and economic growth, India will become one of the major powers over the next decade.

He encouraged India to continue on this path.

The Indian High Commissioner, Dr. Amit Telang, welcomed the prime minister’s remarks and noted that he had already met with officials of UWI FIC on Monday to discuss various areas of cooperation between The UWI and universities in India.

He also offered training opportunities for Antigua and Barbuda nationals to pursue various training programs in India.


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