Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Investigation into Lateefa George’s Death Incomplete: Minister Wants to Know Why

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Lateefa George

The country’s Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph, has expressed his concern regarding the delay in the conclusion of the inquest into the death of a patient from Clarevue.

Although he respects the independence of the coroner’s investigations and refrains from interfering in the process, he wonders about the reasons behind the prolonged duration of the inquiry.

27-year-old Lateefa George, a female patient at the mental hospital in Antigua died on November 06, 2023

“The only comment I can make is that the issue is in the hands of the coroner. The coroner is still undertaking his work, and I am in no position to interfere. However, I am concerned that I thought by now we would have seen a report”

“I do not know the circumstances, so I cannot be critical of what appears to me as something that is taking a long time”

Sir Molwyn said he will seek an audience with the Attorney General to give some idea when the report will be ready

“This is very important to the family. The mother and I have been in contact and she has expressed anxiety over the matter and rightfully so”, he said


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