Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Major upgrades in the works for the hospital

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By Aagbigayle McIntosh


The government is forking out a significant sum of money to fund significant upgrades to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center.

Several departments at the country’s lone hospital are in dire need for repairs from the central air conditioning unit, work in the Neo-national Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Operating Theaters and other areas.

 The main theater has been closed off due to extensive repair work, however alternative arrangements have been made for the continued care of patients.

 “There are temporary facilities where there are surgeries done for instance we continue to do the surgeries for cervical cancer, removing legions and so on and if we have emergency surgeries they are being done,” the Minister told Journalists.

He stresses that all that has happened is that the volume has been significantly reduced.

The repairs he said could be finished over three weeks, but the work cannot be rushed due to the magnitude.

The work to be done includes adjustment to the air conditioning system.

“We have ordered chillers and we anticipate they will be here by next week and when installed will provide temporary improvement at the hospital and in addition to that a bigger one will also be imported to provide cooling for the entire hospital,” the minister said.

 Cooler air is now flowing in the Laboratory, Emergency Room, Pediatric Department, and other areas.

The brunt of the work will be done in the Operating Theater including major repairs to the floor, ceiling, and the installation of hot water. The surface has deteriorated over the years because of flooding.

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  1. Auburn Merrick

    Hi Aagbigyle it is such a needed thing for you to report the news to the people of Antiguans and Barbudans I will give you my blessings. Now Mount St Johns is new Holbiton is old and have not been in use for a long time but I believe that if you start to take the sick and people in need of health care that they will surely survive all the sickness that they are going through. The new Mount St Johns is the biggest sour 🦶 foot that the government did bring to the natives o the twin Island State


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