Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

American University of Antigua Partners with Rohrman Sports Association to Revive the Rohrman Triathlon in 2024

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The Rohrman Triathlon is returning after being paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is being held on Saturday, August 24th, 2024, at Ffreyes Beach and is being organized by the American University of Antigua (AUA) in collaboration with the Rohrman Sports Association. According to Vernon Solomon, Vice President of Administration, Director of Emergency Medicine Training Centre & Clinical Simulations and AHA ITC Programs Director at AUA, the return of the Rohrman Triathlon is significant as it embodies the AUA spirit of resilience, dedication, and community, and celebrates the values of those who have passed away.

He expressed his excitement and deep pride at being able to support an event that promotes healthy living and encourages collaboration while also reminding participants of the transformative power of coming together.

The Rohrman Triathlon is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Rohr, who was a co-founder and a student at AUA. Despite his untimely passing before the inaugural event, his vision and passion for triathlon continue to inspire the event. The 2024 edition is also significant as it celebrates the legacy of another founding member, Andre Simon, who played a crucial role in the event throughout the years, but passed away in 2023 after a severe cycling accident.

Mr. Solomon applauded the event’s organizers and participants for keeping the legacies of Jonathan Rohr and Andre Simon alive, while also emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility, which aligns with AUA’s mission of fostering well-being and collaboration for all. The Rohrman Triathlon began in 2012 with 70 athletes and now attracts nearly 400 participants. It showcases the spirit of bringing people together through sport, promoting healthy lifestyles, and leveraging sports tourism for the benefit of Antigua & Barbuda.


The event features 10 triathlons, including Olympic and Sprint distances, as well as categories for various age groups starting from 6 & under, and includes both team and individual competitions. Moreover, this year, Day 2 of the event will include diverse options for participants, such as an approximate 10k swim from Morris Bay to Ffreyes Beach, a road run/walk, or a trail hike/run. These additions offer new challenges and opportunities for participation, further expanding the event’s appeal.

The Rohrman Triathlon is a non-profit initiative committed to fostering community spirit, athletic development, and the enriching experience of sports tourism in Antigua & Barbuda. The event is supported by several generous sponsors, including Aqua Panna, Pellegrino, Island Provision, Ticketing, Margrie Hunt, The Athlete’s Foot, SO Ltd, HG Paints, Hurricane Power Athletic Club, and Frank Wall Ltd, whose commitment greatly enhances the scope and impact of the event.

Dwayne Simon, Andre’s brother, has also joined the Rohrman Triathlon organizing committee, bringing a deeper connection to its founding vision and enhancing the commitment to its enduring legacy.


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