Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

The National Swim Team Heads to Doha

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 A group of talented Antigua and Barbuda swimmers recently embarked on an exciting journey to participate in the World Aquatics Championships held in Doha, Quatar.

The team, consisting of Ellie Shaw, Aunjelique Liddie, Stefano Mitchell, and Jadon Wuilliez, left the island last evening, accompanied by their coach, Nelson Molina, and team manager, Daniella Shaw.

During the competition, Ellie Shaw will showcase her skills in the 50 and 100 meters breaststroke, while Aunjelique Liddie will exhibit her talent in the 50 and 100 meter freestyle events. Stefano Mitchell will compete in the 50 and 100 freestyle events, and Jadon Wuilliez will represent the team in the 50 and 100 meters breaststroke races.

It’s worth noting that the Doha Championships, which will take place from 2nd to 18th February 2024, serve as a pre-qualifier for this summer’s Paris Olympics. The Antigua and Barbuda team is ready to give their best and make their country proud.


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