Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

CONFIRMED: Richard Lewis to challenge Jamale Pringle for UPP leadership

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Richard Lewis, who currently serves as the Member of Parliament for St John’s Rural West under the United Progressive Party (UPP), has announced his candidacy for the party’s leadership race.

His opponent in this race is the interim Political Leader of the UPP, Jamale Pringle.

The UPP has been without an elected Political Leader since 2023 when Harold Lovell resigned and retired from the position.

This isn’t the first time that Richard Lewis is running for the leadership of the UPP. He previously contested against Harold Lovell in 2019 but lost by a significant margin of over 200 votes.

However, Lewis’s extensive experience in Parliament, having been appointed to the Senate in 2018 and elected as an MP in 2023, makes him a strong contender for the leadership position

​On the other hand, Jamale Pringle also enjoys significant support within the party ranks due to his previous position as the Deputy Leader and current role as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

Some party members are apprehensive about another leadership battle that could create further divisions within the UPP.

As the party convention is set to be held on April 20, several positions will be contested, and it remains to be seen who will emerge as the new leader of the UPP.

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