46-year-old woman robbed and raped at gunpoint

Editorial Staff


Police say a 46-year-old female called the Criminal Investigations Department and reported that she was robbed at gunpoint and raped.

According to reports from the police daily stats, the offense occurred in the vicinity of Epicurean Fine Food Supermarket at about 5 pm yesterday.

Police say they met and interviewed the victim at the SLBMC who was examined by the doctor. She also provided a statement to the police about what transpired

According to reports, the woman was assaulted by 5 young men armed with guns in an attempted robbery but she had no valuables.

Reports are that two of the five men dragged her into the bushes and raped her. 


  1. Mae

    At 5:00pm here in Antigua it is still day light. That area is very busy around that time of the day. People are going home from work either on foot, bikes or vehicles. Someone should have saw something and came to that young lady rescue. My question: who are the parents for these young men that are causing havoc in our little beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda? Again, Who are these parents? The Bible speaks about the sins falls from the fathers down to it next generation. Are these the sins from the fathers that are being manifested in our world today through their offspring?

  2. Anonymous

    OMG Real Sadist on earth these days, something serious MUST be done to these barbaric specimen pretending to be human beings.

  3. Anonymous

    From my indoctrination in church and cat home, the men involved are God’s children. Therefore I believe you ought to blame God. Nothing happens without his approval that was preached to me in sermons. So think again before you cast blame on the father’s of these men who have committed this heinous act. It’s not for any of you to cast stones.


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