$600,000 in unpaid traffic tickets; Fernandez wants them all paid

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez

The new Minister responsible for transportation Charles Max Fernandez is on a move to ensure that the government collects all its $600,000 owed by residents in unpaid traffic tickets.

He told Parliament on Monday that his ministry intends to tag all unpaid traffic tickets.

“From what we understand there is $600,000 in unpaid traffic tickets out there and once we can do this, we can start to collect that outstanding amount,” he said.

There is also an intention to charge a fee for unregistered 20- and 40-foot flatbed chassis operating on the roadways and to improve the drivers and vehicle license software.

“We also want to address a problem that has been there for a while; A and C plates vehicles being used as taxis, buses, and rentals…The biggest concern about it is if one of these vehicles gets into an accident and a passenger gets hurt, they will sue the government,” he explained

Meanwhile, where tourism is concerned, Fernandez said four cruise lines have confirmed homeporting operations for the 2023 season and Antigua and Barbuda’s port is well on its way to establishing in Saint John’s, a major homeport in the Caribbean.

Cruise lines already confirming Antigua as its home port include the Luxury brand Emerald Cruises scheduled to commence, homeporting operations on November 23rd with full weekly operations.

Fernandez said that the vessel will also be bunkering in Antigua in 2024.

Another luxury brand, Seadream Cruises, will also commence homeporting in Antigua, according to Fernandez.

In 2023, Antigua cruise port is expected to welcome an estimated 484,753 passengers, including 6825 home porting passengers in 2023.

Antigua and Barbuda received some prestigious awards in 2022.  The Antigua and Barbuda. Tourism Authority was named Tourism Board of the Year by Caribbean Journal.

This was in part due to the robust and strategic marketing plan to deal with the changing tourism landscape on a global scale post-COVID-19.

Antigua and Barbuda was also voted Best Caribbean honeymoon destination by Caribbean Journal, the best beach in the Caribbean Valley Church Beach.

Hammock Cove was voted the all-inclusive Resort of the year and Keyonna Beach resort was voted the best small-inclusive resort of the year.

The Veranda resort was voted Best Family Hotel in the Caribbean environment and the VC Bird International Airport was recognized as the Caribbean Airport of the Year.


  1. Anonymous

    Should we be depending on breakers of the law for revenue?

  2. Anonymous

    These people to wicked, they sucking the last drop of blood from poor people like vampires. The Country is broke and bankrupt so they are trying to cripple the already distressed and suffering antiguans by pulling out the last cent out of our pockets. Advantage never done.


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