60,916 eligible to vote in tomorrow’s hotly contested elections

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

By the end of the day Wednesday, a new government could be announced to lead the country possibly for the next five years.

This, as residents are voting in what many have called a tight general election tomorrow. Polling stations will open at 6 am and close at 6 pm.

With all paraphernalia down by midnight and the campaign coming to an end, it is fair to say that the political parties have all put on their toughest fight and now the residents will decide who will be their preferred choice.

Consistent with the fact that the UPP holds one seat (All Saint’s and St Luke), the presumption is that it would want to take 7 additional seats, while the ABLP would want to defend as many of these as possible.

In this election, there is also an interest in the feasibility of the DNA, along with the independent candidate Asot Michael.

In the case of St Peter’s, it remains a seat to be watched in the event that the candidate is able to dislodge at least 20% of the ABLP support in the remaining weeks. And he has tried.

Meanwhile (ABEC) has confirmed that 60,916 people are eligible to vote in tomorrow’s General election.

Public Relations Office of ABEC Elisa Graham confirmed the figure in an interview with Loop Caribbean News.

Graham said ABEC has increased the number of polling stations to 188 across the 17 constituencies to serve the electorate and make the process easy.

“We anticipate that quite a number of persons will utilise those polling stations because they are going to be spaced out. We will have two voting areas within each respective booth. [And] we do not anticipate any long lines,” she said.

The full breakdown of the electorate by constituency is as follows:

St John City West: 3,053

St John City East: 2,166

St John City South: 2,060

St John’s Rural West: 5,440

St John’s Rural South: 3910

St John’s Rural East: 5,004

St John’s Rural North: 4,187

St Mary’s North: 5,171

St Mary’s South: 2,588

All Saint’s East and St Luke: 4,128

All Saint’s West: 5,021

St George: 5,883

St Peters: 4,609

St Philip North: 1,876

St Philip South: 1,258

St Paul: 3,281

Barbuda: 1,281

There are 53 candidates in the election.

The Barbuda People’s Movement’s lone representative, Trevor Walker and three independent candidates are the remaining persons on the ballot.

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  1. Anonymous

    St. George is still the largest constituency in terms of the number of registered voters.


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