ABEC says African visitors cannot vote

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

ABEC, the country’s electoral commission is dispelling rumors that hundreds of African visitors who arrived here recently were brought in to participate in the January 18 general elections.

Speculations are that the visitors who arrived here over the past few weeks were chartered here by the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party to vote in their favour.

But the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission said it is impossible for these visitors to vote, based on the protocols in place.

“The voting regulations mean the person has to appear in person. If you are a Caricom or global citizen then you would have to be in the country for seven years, live in the constituency for six months, you have to attend the screening at a registration unit where there are scrutineers appointed by both political parties,” she said

She said it is almost impossible for these men and women to vote or even try to.

“Then, at the point of registration, that’s an application, so your name is placed on a supplementary list because they have the whole month for registration. By the 15th of the following month your name is placed on the supplementary list, persons who are applying for transfers, persons who have died that remain there for 31 days, then you make it onto the next register which is published April, June, October and December. So, it is virtually impossible,” Simon said.


  1. Anonymous

    I am yet to understand our reasoning and thought patterns. Can’t believe this made news. People really think that our African brothers and sisters can participate in this election. Well if that is possible then Antigua and Barbuda have not advanced. I totally support the views/ explanations advocated by Dame Lorna Simon summed up in the following “it is almost impossible for these men and women to vote or even try to.”

    • Anonymous

      Yep. But our people dunce!!!


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