Air Quality falls to moderate levels placing vulnerable people at risk

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The MET Office has put residents on notice that the country is facing a decline in air quality, with moderate levels anticipated over the coming days as a result of a fresh surge in Saharan Dust.

The decline in air quality can be attributed to the infiltration of Saharan Dust, carrying elevated concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10.

The MET Office said although the overall air quality is considered acceptable, sensitive individuals, particularly those with respiratory conditions, may experience moderate health concerns.

“The Air Quality Index (AQI) is projected to range from 51 to 70 during this period, categorizing the air quality as moderate and urging the public to exercise caution. The Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services have raised the alert level to II, indicating an increased risk for specific groups”, according to the MET Office

Vulnerable people should take heed according to Destin, especially those with respiratory or heart diseases, the elderly, and children.

“While the health implications remain within acceptable limits, individuals who are unusually sensitive to air pollution should take extra care,” the statement said

The surge in particulate matter, especially for asthmatics and other susceptible groups, could result in limited health impacts, the MET Office warns, saying that “active individuals and those with respiratory conditions like asthma are advised to minimize prolonged outdoor exertion”

“These fine particles can cause respiratory irritation and potentially worsen existing conditions for susceptible individuals” the statement added

The moderate air quality is expected to persist until Tuesday.


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