Alleged cop killer caught in Jamaica

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

A man who reportedly killed police in Jamaica has been finally caught.

Tevin Passley, a man who claimed to be St Catherines South’s most wanted since August 2021 was caught yesterday. He was allegedly trying to cross police divisions to elude lawmen.

Passley is accused of killing Corporal Delwin Jackson and his friend, taxi driver Kenroy Chandler.

Police say they also seized a firearm and ammunition at the home of Passley. He is expected to be charged shortly.

Passley is also accused of killing Jackson and Chandler, who had accompanied the policeman to purchase a motorcar advertised on social media.

Police then charged him and another man with murder but, Passley, who was reportedly the mastermind and triggerman, remained at large for the murders

Passley was first tracked to St Thomas, according to reports, where it was said he was in hiding after the double murder in Central Village, St Catherine, almost 16 months ago.

“The accused fled the Big Lane community and was tracked to St Thomas where multiple operations were conducted by the St Catherine South Special Operations Unit, working in tandem with fellow officers from that parish but to no avail, as he again fled,” the officer said.

“This time he was tracked to Lucea, Hanover, where, apparently, he was confident he would not be found. However, he was wrong and got the fright of his life when the market was stormed, leading to him being captured before he could make his escape.”


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