Another Drug Seizure

Editorial Staff


The police and customs have made yet another drug seizure in less than 24 hours.

On Tuesday 21 February, both law enforcement agencies conducted an operation at the Intransit Cargo Shed at V.C Bird International Airport and found a cardboard box with five  packages containing the controlled drugs Cannabis.

The substance amounts to five pounds and has an estimated value of $30,000.

On Monday, twelve packages of of a similar substance was seized at the General Post Office. That portion amounted to twelve pounds and is estimated at $72,000.

Investigations are ongoing into both seizures.

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  1. Mystic

    $6000 per Llb..
    How u Know?
    GRADE hi Or LOW..?
    How Cannabis OWNWAY so?
    A BUST can Overflow
    Blame Game
    Bitching Snitchin
    Hustle Get Gongo.
    Anything u FIND
    Bring Foo ME .
    What U BUST
    Is Foo DOG 🐕 & Pussy ..
    cc 15gms 4 🌳….
    Yours Truly I&I…
    Ps. If Ananymous Send findings
    To Editorial


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