Antigua and Barbuda Gov’t continues to Address Water Woes



The government of Antigua and Barbuda continues to work tirelessly to address water shortages in the country.

The Cabinet said it received a report from the Minister of Public Utilities Robin Yearwood this week concerning the near-readiness of the Fort James Reverse Osmosis Plant.

It is designed to produce 1 million gallons of potable water daily. In the first phase, it will produce 500,000 gallons daily and it will become fully productive in short order.  

According to Cabinet notes prepared by the Chief of Staff in the Prime Ministers Officer Lionel Max Hurst, the pipes which will take water to the villages of Yorks, Fort Road, Villa, Point, the City of St. John’s, the Heritage Quay piers as well as surrounding areas are already being laid underground.

“The surface of the road leading to and from Fort James has been significantly compromised and will require repaving when the laying of the pipes is complete”, Hurst said in his report.

Meanwhile, significant portions of the Bethesda R/O Plant have been shipped to Antigua from Dubai.

Hurst said plans for the Bethesda R/O Plant are proceeding, including the construction of the foundation of the building to house the works.

“The resources for the purchase of the plant have been secured and nearly all payments made to the supplier,” he said.