Antigua and Barbuda hosts major health financing initiative



Antigua and Barbuda’s Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has made a passionate plea for there to be more focus on primary health care to achieve what he says is universal health coverage.

He told those who fathered at the formal opening of the 14th Caribbean Conference on National Health Financing Initiative currently underway in the twin island nation that health promotion and health education are critical components to assure healthy lifestyles and reduce non-communicable diseases.

According to Joseph, health education should begin at the primary school level and should form a part of its curriculum, adding, that it is necessary for primary school students to be educated on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, inclusive of healthy eating, and adequate rest so that they can make informed, healthy choices at a young age. 

“These early childhood practices will reduce incidences of childhood obesity and promote optimal health in adulthood.  This would ultimately help to reduce health care costs,” Joseph said

The Minister also noted further that with an adequate and functioning primary health care system, people can receive quality and comprehensive care.  This he says will reduce the pressures at the secondary and tertiary healthcare levels.

Meanwhile Chairperson of the Medical Benefits Board, Senator Osbert Frederick.  Senator Frederick says the country’s strategic plan for health is to promote and provide high-quality health services that are accessible and affordable to the citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda. 

The plan, he says will have to be supported by effective policy formulation, health regulations, and strategic partnership.

The goal of the national strategic plan for health the Senator adds is to empower individuals and families to manage their health, strengthen health systems and community support mechanisms, and also to extend the strategic partnership. 

Day one of the conference focused on confronting COVID-19 and policy challenges in the Universal Coverage Agenda, Managing COVID-19 within the Context of Universal Health Coverage and Managing COVID-19: Coping strategies by Health Financing Agencies.

Day two will include a focus on experiences from mature health financing agencies, Universal Health care – management challenges of health financing sustainability.





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