Antigua and Barbuda Mourns the Loss of Visionary Photographer Egbert Merril Thwaites

Editorial Staff


Egbert Merril Thwaites, a trailblazing figure in Antigua and Barbuda, has passed away, leaving behind a legacy of captured memories.

Known for his iconic photo studio located at the intersection of All Saints Road and DeSouza Roads, Thwaites immortalized countless precious moments for families.

His masterful black and white portraits from the 60s and 70s can still be found adorning the walls of households, serving as a testament to his artistic talent.

Adjacent to his studio, Thwaites ran a humble shop where he delighted the Ottos community and beyond with his delectable ice cream cones.

The profound impact of his establishment and the foundation of his business resonated so deeply with the community that the area came to be known as Thwaites Corner, forever bearing his name.

At the remarkable age of 99 and a half, Mr. Thwaites leaves behind his life partner, Eunice Rawlins, and his children, including the esteemed Urologist, Dr. Dwayne ‘Baba’ Thwaites.


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