Antigua cruise port partners with Aidadiva to host a memorable school trip

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Students of the T.N Kiron School were given an opportunity on Monday to tour the AIDAdiva cruise ship this week.

The Antigua Cruise Port facilitated seventeen students and one teacher for what has been described as a fun and educational tour aboard the vessel.

The grade 4 and 5 students got to dip their hands into one of the ship’s hot tubs, played basketball, enjoyed panoramic views of the city, met Captain Thomas Mey and ended the tour with lunch.

AIDA reached out to Antigua Cruise Port about having students tour one of their vessels to forge a closer relationship with the local community. Captain Mey said, “We don’t want to only come and go but we want to go deeper with your country so that we have a good relationship.”

Antigua Cruise Port General Manager Dona Regis- Prosper who was also present for the tour said, “It was an honour for us to arrange to have the children come onboard.

This field trip has opened their eyes to see more of what happens in the tourism sector. We also believe it’s important for our presence to be positively felt by neighbouring communities, so it was fitting to have students from a school less than 10 minutes away benefit from this opportunity.”

Meanwhile, teacher Olivia Lynch said, “It (the tour) broadened their knowledge to know there’s more out there in the world because most would not have (otherwise) gotten to experience something like this.”

The children gave the trip glowing reviews and some said, “It was the best day ever.”


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