Bahamian police warn protestors to stay away from CARICOM summit

Editorial Staff


Eighteen people including four women were arrested by Bahamian police after they staged a protest outside the venue where the CARICOM summit was being held

And the Bahamian police have also issued a stern warning that they will not compromise the safety and security of all CARICOM leaders and diplomats and all the other officials attending the meeting

“Police wish to inform members of the public that the safety and security of ALL Diplomats attending CARICOM will be treated seriously and with the strictest enforcement of the law. Additionally, the public is advised to avoid the conference area if they can as much as possible for the next two days,” the police said in a statement.

Those who were detained, according to the lawmen were not authorized to hold protests and were instructed by police to leave the area forthwith however they ignored that advice. Those arrested were later charged with resisting arrests, causing and nuisance, and unlawful assembly

Among those detained is Lincoln Bain, the leader of a fringe political party, who live-streamed the protest on social media, according to the police.

The CARICOM summit ends later today.


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