Barbados Gives ABWU Courage to Continue the Fight for Ex-LIAT Workers Severance

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union David Massiah says news that by early next month, payment of severance to all Barbadian ex-LIAT workers will be completed, gives courage to the ABWU to remain steadfast in their fight.

General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) Toni Moore said on Tuesday that all unresolved issues should be sorted by July 31 and outstanding payments will come shortly after.

The ABWU’s stance on the matter was always that there should be a 70% disbursement of cash to all affected LIAT employees and the remaining 30% of terminal benefit entitlements could be organized as shares in LIAT (1974) Ltd. or in any other LIAT formulation going forward.

But Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the doors on negotiations are closed, since according to him, the ABWU continues to play politics with the matter

The 89 former LIAT workers who were among hundreds from across the region terminated by the Antigua-based airline in 2020 are expected to receive during the first week of August.

Payments of up to $75 000 are being made in cash to each worker while any amount above that is being paid in bonds.

“We must applaud the Governments of St Lucia and Barbados for accepting and implementing arrangements for paying LIAT (1974) Ltd. employees 100% of their severance entitlements plus other direct entitlements,” the General Secretary of the ABWU had said

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  1. Anonymous

    Should they not be that concerned about the plight of the former EC Teritories EMPLOYEES OF CLICO INSURANCE?


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